Most importantly, I’m a husband and father. We have 2 boys and 1 girl, all three of which keep us as busy as you’d expect.

For the last 10 years we’ve lived in Bend, Oregon, located in the middle of the state (the non-rainy part). Bend sits at the border where the forest meets the high desert, so there’s no shortage of outdoor activities. When not sitting at my computer sweating design details, editing photos or mixing audio, you can typically find me enjoying the outdoors — everything from mountain biking, running, skiing, fishing, and exploring.

My professional career started at a young age when I became obsessed with Apple computers and their design language. I fell in love with the OS X interface after it was released and quickly found a community of like-minded designers who were similarly consumed with beautiful UIs and what it took to create them.

Shortly after making my first icons and UI themes, I needed a website to showcase my work, which led me to pick up Jeffrey Zeldman’s book “Designing with Web Standards” and learn web design.

Armed with Photoshop and a text editor, I soon began my own freelance web design company to pay my way through University.

In 2006 I graduated and set off in a career of mortgage finance which was short-lived with the market crash in 2007. I then decided to return to design. After bouncing around between freelance projects and agency gigs like Blue Flavor, I eventually joined Ancestry as a product designer.

The 2007 announcement of the iPhone and the subsequent 2008 announcement of the SDK changed my world forever. I was given the opportunity to move to SF and help build Ancestry's iPhone app with a small team. Over the next 5 years, this would grow into an incredibly successful mobile division of the company responsible for millions in revenue and some very fun innovation.

While designing at Ancestry, I had an idea for a simple native OS X productivity tool that made sharing screenshots with other designers and developers easier. I started Droplr as a side project in 2008 and eventually grew it into a full time job and then a successful startup that was sold to Triangle Digital Ventures.

Since Droplr's exit I've held various design leadership roles at both product companies and agencies, including Black Pixel and Hyper Giant, working on some incredibly interesting and impactful products. I'm currently working on the next generation of clinical trial solutions at Medable.